Web Series 

Welcome to the very first episode of Blow It Up! with Tory Belleci. Watch in delight as the founder of Revision3.com and host of Distort, David Prager, says goodbye to the old whip once and for all. He was having some car trouble... but not anymore.


This week on Blow It Up, Tory invites the king of destruction, Richard Ryan, to the range in order to properly destroy a massive Creeper from Minecraft! Watch BEHIND THE SCENCES from this episode on TestTube! http://testtube.com/blowitup/minecraft?utm_campaign=BIUBTS2&utm_medium=BIU&utm_source=YTdesc Huge thanks to New Mexico Tech for lending their services!


This week Tory teams up with the CorridorDigital and FreddieW guys to take part in the biggest, realest MINECRAFT destruction EVER! 


Some people hate mustard... like REALLY HATE IT! Huge thanks to New Mexico Tech for lending their services! http://www.nmt.edu 


This video Tory helps a fan named Jonathan get rid of a teddy bear that reminded him of his broken heart! 


This video of Blow It Up, we provide a special service to DNews host, Anthony Carboni. Looks like you'll be taking the bus to work now, Anthony.


A brides worst nightmare is being left at the altar. Unfortunately, these things happen... some cry and others wrap their dress in detonation cord and destroy the bad memories! 


What else are you going to do with a fridge full of spoiled meat? 


This one is for all those traumatized surfers, kayakers, and swimmers... We're not exploding a shark but we are indeed wrapping your fear of them in Det Cord. 


Astronomical electric bills are no good. Neither are massive, outdated plasma TV's. What to do?! BLOW IT UP.